Krk island

670.000€(5.048.115 kn)
Island of Krk, Malinska. Newer stone house with swimming pool.
Square size
150 m2
Plot square size
717 m2
229.000€(1.725.400 kn)
Krk, Malinska. Semi-detached house, 600 meters close to sea
557.000€(4.196.716 kn)
Krk, Malinska. New attached house with pool, 150 meters close to sea.
Square size
107 m2
Plot square size
110 m2
575.000€(4.332.337 kn)
Krk, Malinska. New modern semi-detached house with pool, close to sea.
Square size
107 m2
Plot square size
80 m2
230.000€(1.732.935 kn)
Krk, Malinska. New Two-story apartment, 2.5km. from sea.
365.000€(2.750.092 kn)
Krk, Malinska. Detached house with a large yard.
Square size
180 m2
Plot square size
1.727 m2
112.000€(843.864 kn)
Vrbnik, building land for the construction of a family villa.
137.000€(1.032.226 kn)
Vrbnik, construction land for the construction of a family house with pool.
326.000€(2.456.247 kn)
Vrbnik, building land for the construction of three family houses with swimming pools.
595.000€(4.483.027 kn)
Krk, modern  house middle in a row with yard and swimming pool
Square size
92,50 m2
Plot square size
92 m2
265.000€(1.996.642 kn)
Krk, Baška. Stone house in a row with a garden - Sale
Square size
129 m2
Plot square size
100 m2
495.000€(3.729.577 kn)
Krk, Vrbnik, new house with swimming pool and auxiliary facility, sea view.
Square size
160 m2
Plot square size
501 m2
870.000€(6.555.015 kn)
Krk island, Vrbnik. Stone house with swimming pool for sale
513.000€(3.865.198 kn)
Krk, Punat. New attached house.
362.000€(2.727.489 kn)
Krk, Punat. Two-story apartment, 1st and 2nd floor
221.000€(1.665.124 kn)
Island of Krk, Punat. Ground floor apartment with yard
790.000€(5.952.255 kn)
Malinska, newly built semi-detached house with swimming pool
Square size
194,79 m2
Plot square size
250 m2
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