Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the seller pay the sales tax when selling a real property? 
- No. According to the Law on Real Property, the sales tax is paid by the buyer. The seller can only pay the tax in the name of the buyer, if they both agree that he/she should do so. Yes. If he is selling a previously purchased real property before the period of three years has passed from the time of the purchase, and if he is selling it for a greater amount of money. In that case, the seller must pay a tax of 35% plus surtax on the difference in the amount.

2. Can the tax be paid in foreign currency? 
- No. The tax amount is given in Croatian Kunas and must be paid in Croatian Kunas. It is paid through a post office or a bank. Foreign currencies must be converted into Kunas.

3. Do foreign citizens have the right to buy real property in Croatia? 
Citizens EU
Legal and natural persons from EU member states are entitled to ownership rights of real estate in the Republic of Croatia under the same conditions as Croatian citizens (however there are limitations, see bellow).
Not EU citizens
Foreign nationals from outside the EU can buy real estate according to the reciprocity principle. When buying a real estate it is necessary to seek approval from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia. Foreign nationals without mutual consent/reciprocity can buy real estate on behalf of a company. The company needs to be founded with registered seat in the Republic of Croatia. In that case the real estate is purchased by a Croatian company in foreign ownership. 
Foreign nationals cannot purchase and register the following property on their behalf: 
Agricultural land 
Real estate located in protected areas: Link
Acquisition of property rights of foreign persons :  Link

4. Are the listed prices final? 
- The prices of the listed real properties were defined by the owners. The change of the price depends solely on the owner.

5. How can we visit some of the properties? 
- Call us at any time of the day at: 051/626-482, 098/402 179 and we will arrange the time of the visit. You can contact us via e-mail at liburnianekretnine@gmail.com. We also invite you to visit us at our office in Rijeka, Dobrie Cesarica 28.
During each inspection of the real estate, the potential buyer is obliged to sign a Brokerage Agreement which states: - basic information about the real estate - basic information about the potential buyer - basic information about the agency - the amount of the agency commission.

6. How much is the advance payment at the signing of the preliminary contract or the actual sales contract? 
- The advance payment is generally 10% of the agreed sales amount, but it can be higher or lower depending on the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

7. How much is the real property tax in Croatia? 
- 3%. The Republic of Croatia has a unique tax rate for all types of real property and all kinds of transactions. The tax amount is determined on the basis of the sales contract amount and the assessment made by the tax administration.

8. How much does your agency charge for its services? 
- 3% of the value of the realized sales + VAT. The fee is charged at the moment of signing of the preliminary contract or the actual sales contract i.e. at the receipt of the advance payment confirmed by a signature : all relating to the real etsate-property the agent was handling.