Krk City

870.000€(6.555.015 kn)
New modern villa with pool, 1.5 km from the sea. Krk island, municipality Krk.
Square size
173,45 m2
Plot square size
565 m2
449.000€(3.382.990 kn)
Krk wider surroundings. Detached unfinished house with pool.
Square size
130 m2
Plot square size
688 m2
770.000€(5.801.565 kn)
House with pool and large yard near the town of Krk
Square size
160 m2
Plot square size
1.149 m2
600.000€(4.520.700 kn)
House near the town of Krk - for sale
Square size
300 m2
Plot square size
621 m2
390.000€(2.938.455 kn)
Krk city. Detached house in unfurnished condition, 700m. close to sea.
Square size
380 m2
Plot square size
762 m2
434.000€(3.269.973 kn)
City of Krk, Apartment with sea view on the 1st floor, near the sea.
612.000€(4.611.114 kn)
Krk city. Two-story new apartment with sea view, 350 m close to sea.
404.000€(3.043.938 kn)
City of Krk. Ground floor apartment with yard, 350 m. close to sea.
Square size
78,31 m2
Plot square size
100 m2
1.230.000€(9.267.435 kn)
Krk city. Luxury apartment at the top of the building with a swimming pool on the roof terrace.
362.000€(2.727.489 kn)
Krk city. Apartment on the 1st floor with a sea view, 600 m. close to sea.
965.000€(7.270.792 kn)
Krk city. Ground floor apartment with pool, garden and tavern, 600 m. close to sea.
Square size
95 m2
Plot square size
135 m2
310.000€(2.335.695 kn)
Krk city. Apartment with sea view on the 2nd floor, 500 m close to sea.
435.000€(3.277.507 kn)
Krk city, apartment with yard and pool, close to sea for sale.
Square size
87 m2
Plot square size
150 m2
796.000€(5.997.462 kn)
Krk city, two-story apartment with sea view 500 m. close to sea.
622.000€(4.686.459 kn)
Krk city. Two-story apartment with a pool close to sea for sale
Square size
126 m2
Plot square size
70 m2
160.000€(1.205.520 kn)
Krk island, Krk city wider area. Haus building plot, 2 km from sea.
950.000€(7.157.775 kn)
City of Krk. New detached house with pool, near the sea.
Square size
180 m2
Plot square size
442 m2
280.000€(2.109.660 kn)
Krk island, Kornić. Two-story apartment with a sea view.
Square size
84 m2
Plot square size
12 m2
970.000€(7.308.465 kn)
Krk city. Two-story apartment with pool and yard, for sale.
Square size
135 m2
Plot square size
157 m2
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