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If You are interested in buying a house in Punat, we have a rich offer of houses for sale in Punat, with a good price-quality ratio. On our website, we will take You through a part of our offers, so you will easier get an insight into houses that would best suit your personal needs. 
795.000€(5.975.739 kn)
House near the sea for sale. Punat, island of Krk.
Square size
200 m2
Plot square size
500 m2
1.300.000€(9.771.648 kn)
Krk, Punat - stara Baška, villa close to sea and beach for sale.
Square size
450 m2
Plot square size
1.247 m2
700.000€(5.261.657 kn)
Punat, sland of Krk, house 900 meters close to sea.
Square size
250 m2
Plot square size
644 m2
449.000€(3.374.977 kn)
House Punat, Island Krk
Square size
320 m2
Plot square size
666 m2
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